Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bikram Sambat classes and controls

Today i am publishing the first preview of my implementation of Bikram Sambat library. It is based on Microsoft .net framework and it contains 
  1. BikramSambat.Date structure that represents a Birkam Sambat date. Using it the same as using System.Date structure in .net framework.
  2. BikramSambat.Converter class that provides a set of static methods to convert a date from Bikram Sambat to A.D and vice versa.
  3. BirkamSambat.Windows.Controls.BikramSambatCalendar which is a Birkam Sambat based calendar control that can be consumed in windows forms.
  4. BirkamSambat.Web.Controls.BikramSambatCalendar which is a Bikram Sambar based calendar control that can be consumed in web forms.
I am sort of time today. So, i am leaving this post without any example on how to consume the library. I will update this post with examples as soon as i am free. Till then, please give it a chance by yourself. This is an easy to understand and use library. I am hopeful that it won't be hard for you guys to understand and consume this library.

Please click here to download the library.

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  1. very good stuff. This was the thing that I was searching for months.But how to search to a particular date in calendar.